Aircraft Management, Pilot Service Pool, Aircraft Sales, Acquisition and Brokerage.
Corporate Aircraft & Pilot Services offer the following services:

•  Aircraft Management
•  Management between Multiple Owners on one or more Aircraft
•  Professional Pilot Service Pool (for your use)
•  Aircraft Maintenance Management (Mediator in negotiating thoroughness & limiting cost)
•  Aircraft Sales & Purchase (Best Plane and Best Price)
•  Aviation Consulting - always enter an Aircraft Purchase with a Utilization and Exit Plan
•  Day Lease
•  Group Reduced Aircraft Insurance Rates - join our Commercial Insurance Fleet Policy; pre-approved lease coverage included, lower price, broader coverage, war & terrorist coverage declared or not declared, limit your liability by being an Additional Insured on our Commercial Insurance Fleet Policy; Installment Payments and no Cancellation Fees
•  Group Reduced Hangar Fees
•  Group Reduced Fuel Cost and Purchase Power
•  Concierge Service available for Transportation, Catering and Lodging Services
•  Office and Conference Rooms available for meetings at Airport Locations

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