Jet Services & Sales is our Aircraft Sales, Aircraft Acquisition and Aircraft Brokerage division of the company. We will represent you in the marketing, purchase or sale of your aircraft.

Jet Services & Sales not only handles the Aircraft Sales, Acquisition and Brokerage section of the company but also specializes in the Purchase of Jet, Prop Jet and non Jet Aircraft such as the Citation, King Air, Lear Jet and PC-12.

Step one is to help you determine what type aircraft best fits the mission for your use. Also some considerations of acquisition are maintenance cost, resale value at the end of your ownership. Have a definite exit plan and know where you will stand in maintenance and aircraft value at the time of planned Sell. The ability for outside lease of your plane when not being utilized by you or your company. Cost of operation. Of course the best taxable write off for the time owned is a major consideration.

Guidance in Legal Registry with the International Registry on Engines and Airframe. Title searches to pre-buy, log book research including all time cycle items and rotating components in the engines. Instruction in financing, setting up Escrow protection accounts for money transfer at the time of closing on the aircraft. We will be there to help guide our contracted specialist in all legal documentation with the purchase or sale of an aircraft or engines.

If you are selling your aircraft, we will assist you in all phases of the aircraft sale. This will include assessing the value of your aircraft with our data base along with reviewing aircraft maintenance status and reviewing the condition of the airplane. We will market your airplane and when your plane is sold we will assist you with all contracts. Including Escrow and Registry and with every aspect through delivery of the airplane. Our company will assure your responsibilities of the sold aircraft are closed out.

Danny Lingerfelt
Office: (828) 324-6510
Cell: (828) 308-3339
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